Thursday, February 24, 2011

Semen collection by Manual Massage Technique In Animals

Massage Method

·       The method involves the simplest technique of semen collection by massaging the seminal vesicles and ampullae of vas deferens.
·       Undoubtedly the collector should have a considerable training to adopt the skill. This method is commonly used to collect semen from cock, turkey (tom), dog, also sometimes from bulls.

·       It is a useful method for bulls which are lame or are unwilling to mount or are unable to copulate. The bull is securely restrained in a service crate.
o   Hand with full arm obstetrical rubber sleeve after adequate lubrication is inserted in the rectum and faeces are evacuated.
o   The seminal vesicles are massaged pressing towards urethra for few minutes. Simultaneously an assistant is kept ready to collect semen as it drips.
o   Then the ampullae are massaged and milked one by one and are stripped off by pressing against the floor of pelvis.
o   The pelvic urethra can also be massaged.
o   After the massage of ampullae the ‘S’ curve of penis should be straightened to allow escape of semen, if retained In sigmoid flexure.
o   Prior stimulation with a cow would be of great help in collecting semen through massage technique.
o   There are chances that if massaged regularly, the bulls may become accostumed with this technique in 3-4 weeks.
There are certain restraints for efficient semen collection through massage technique:
1.     Some skill and experience is necessary to massage ampullae and the seminal vesicles per rectum.
2.     Some bulls poorly respond to this method of semen collection
3.     Semen collected through this technique is not clean as it dribbles through the prepucial hairs.
4.     The massage of ampullae sometimes stimulates urination.


·       Many males can be induced to ejacukate by applying pressure and massage to the penis. This is the simplest and cheapest method of semen collection in dogs.
·       Technique:
o   An estrous bitch is exposed to the dog.
o   When the dog shows sexual interests in bitch, about 3-4 cms of penis of dog is exposed by pushing the prepucial skin caudally.
o   The base of penis behind the bulbus glandis is grasped and is applied moderate pressure with fingers. 
o   Some dogs may be trained to ejaculate semen even in the absence of a teaser bitch, but in such cases the sperm concentration is usually low.
o   The semen is collected by using glass or plastic funnel attached to a warm tube into a warm vial or a barrel of syringe secured to prevent semen leakage.
o   Maintenance of proper pressure behind bulbus glandis is importamt for collection of sufficient semen.
o   Ejaculation may last for 10-15 mins. The first portion of the ejaculate contains few sperm cells. The sperm rich portion of ejaculate is whitish-grey-milky.


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